On May 1, the central square of Karatobe hosted a solemn parade dedicated to the May 1 - Day of Unity of Peoples of Kazakhstan.

Employees of all the regional offices were up and running to the central square.
Holds festive balloons and flags and proudly named the successes of all the institutions in the central square.

Akim of the district Zhanat Asantaev, representatives of the Chechen and Kyrgyz nationalities Omar Khassinov and Chinara Tashmatova congratulated all the participants on the square on the Birlik holiday. Speeches by representatives of other nationalities sent greetings and wishes greetings to karatakhs in their language.
Honorable fellow countrymen! I congratulate all of you with the great holiday of the people of Kazakhstan.
Thanks to the unity of the people of Kazakhstan, which has more than 130 ethnic groups living in harmony with one another, our country is progressing. Our nation is one of the most prominent countries in the world.
Let the friendship of the united peoples of Kazakhstan become stronger. The unanimity of the holy people of Karatabana, who has settled over 10 different nationalities, will be strengthened and united, "said Zhanat Asylkhanuly, the head of the district.
The festive event was accompanied by a concert program organized by the amateur cultural and leisure center.